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Crafting Oasis: How to Effectively Utilize Decorative Sands and Stones in Outdoor Designs

Sands and stones, both foundational and decorative, have the power to transform a basic garden into a captivating oasis. At CMM Landscape Supply, our diverse product range, from premium quality fine sand to 3/4 inch blue stone, has been at the forefront of countless mesmerizing outdoor designs. Here's how to effectively wield these elements to craft your own enchanting outdoor spaces.

Types of Sands and Their Unique Characteristics

  • Premium Quality Fine Sand: Silky and refined, this sand is perfect for creating calming zen gardens, sandy pathways, or as a foundational layer for above-ground pools.
  • Screen Fill and Dirt: These are essential for leveling your garden terrain or for use as a foundational layer beneath other landscaping materials.


A Spectrum of Stones: Adding Texture and Color

  • 3/4 inch Blue Stone: With its striking blue hue, this stone is ideal for driveways, pathways, or as decorative edging.


  • 3/8th Blue Stone Gravel: A finer variant of the Blue Stone, this gravel is perfect for crafting serene pathways or incorporating into patio designs.


  • 3/8 Pea Gravel: Rounded and versatile, pea gravel can be used for pathways, around plant beds, or as a decorative layer in terrariums.


  • 3/4 LI Washed Gravel: This type of gravel is excellent for drainage solutions and can also be utilized in decorative landscaping projects.


  • RCA 1 & RCA 2: Often used as base materials, these can be integral to the construction of patios, driveways, and other foundational projects.


Mulches and Soils: Nourish and Beautify

  • Fine-screened Organic Soil: The bedrock of any lush garden, this soil ensures that your plants get the best nutrients.


  • Black Mulch, Coco Mulch, and Natural Mulch: Beyond adding aesthetic value, these mulches help in retaining soil moisture, regulating temperature, and inhibiting weed growth.


Designing with Sands and Stones: Ideas to Inspire

  • Zen Retreats: Using fine sand as a base, bordered by 3/8th blue stone gravel, create a tranquil corner, sprinkling in some natural mulch for areas of greenery.


  • Vibrant Pathways: Combine 3/4 inch blue stone with 3/8 pea gravel for a textured, colorful pathway, perfect for cottage or rustic gardens.


  • Sturdy Foundations: Lay a base of RCA 1 or RCA 2 for your patio or driveway, ensuring durability and stability.

Each grain of sand and every stone has potential. With the right vision and the premium products offered by CMM Landscape Supply, your outdoor space can be both a functional marvel and a visual delight. Dive into the world of landscaping with our diverse range, and craft your very own oasis.