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The CMM Legacy: Celebrating 20 Years of Serving Long Island’s Landscaping Needs

In the vast expanse of Long Island's vibrant landscaping scene, there stands a beacon of quality and commitment – CMM Landscape Supply. As we mark our 20th year in the business, we invite you on a journey through our storied past, a legacy deeply rooted in our unwavering dedication to bringing Long Island residents the very best in landscaping products and services

A Family Vision

Our story begins over two decades ago, when the seeds of a family-owned venture were sown. The dream was simple: to offer Long Island a trustworthy source for top-notch landscaping materials. Over the years, this vision has grown and blossomed, solidifying our reputation as a family-operated business that genuinely cares about the community.


Beyond Products – A Commitment to Excellence

While CMM Landscape Supply's extensive range of landscaping materials – from the finest topsoil to the most decorative stones – is undoubtedly a cornerstone of our success, what truly sets us apart is our approach to customer service. Serving you isn’t just a business transaction; it’s a promise of quality, transparency, and enduring relationships.


The Evolution of CMM

As with any story worth telling, the CMM tale is one of growth and evolution. Over our 20 years, we've expanded our product lines, embraced the latest in landscaping trends, and have continuously updated our operational processes to ensure utmost convenience for our customers. The introduction of our drive-thru loading area and our same-day delivery option are testaments to our adaptability and our drive to serve you better.


Future Forward

While we take immense pride in our past, our eyes are firmly set on the future. We aim to continue innovating, exploring newer materials, and expanding our reach to serve even more residents of Long Island. But, no matter how much we grow, our commitment to our customers and our community will remain unshakeable.


Our 20-year legacy isn't just about the high-quality products we offer; it's about the lives we've touched, the gardens we've helped beautify, and the community we've built along the way. Here's to many more years of serving Long Island's landscaping needs. Cheers to the journey ahead!