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The Evolution of Landscaping: A Brief History

Landscaping, at its heart, has always been a reflection of our bond with nature and the sociocultural eras we traverse. Journey with us as we briefly explore its evolution.


In the warmth of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, gardens transcended mere aesthetics. Take the Hanging Gardens of Babylon – a symbol not just of opulence but also of pioneering irrigation prowess. These ancient societies melded the spiritual with the practical, carving sanctuaries of green amidst vast stretches of desert.


As we journeyed into the Roman era, expansive empires brought expansive gardens. Landscaping became a testament to power and grandeur. Roman villas, with their vast courtyards, celebrated communal living and recreation, subtly reminding us of today's emphasis on outdoor living spaces.


Fast forward to the medieval ages, and the essence of gardens shifted. Monastic gardens, teeming with herbs and medicinal plants, showcased a symbiotic relationship between practicality and spirituality. This era nudged us to remember that sometimes, simplicity serves a profound purpose.


With the flourish of the Renaissance, gardens became theaters of art. Spaces like Italy's famed Boboli Gardens whispered tales of romance, artistry, and nature in harmonious concert. They invited visitors to lose themselves in mazes of hedges, fountains, and sculptures.


The English landscape movement heralded a renewed appreciation for untouched beauty. Unlike the manicured gardens of the past, these gardens thrived in their 'organized chaos', capturing nature's spontaneity.


In the throes of urbanization, the creation of urban parks gave city-dwellers pockets of tranquility amidst the concrete jungle. It underscored the necessity of green spaces for mental well-being.


Today, our gardens echo a collective environmental consciousness. We've embraced sustainable practices, ensuring our patches of green leave minimal carbon footprints.


In the tapestry of landscaping history, every epoch has woven in lessons and inspirations. And here at CMM Landscape Supply, we're ever-eager to help you craft spaces that resonate with both age-old wisdom and modern sensibilities.