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Landscaping Basics: What You Need to Get Started

Hey there, gardening lovers! Are you ready to dip your toes into the world of landscaping? Great! Landscaping is more than just a hobby –  it's a way to express your creativity and connect with nature. But where do you start? Don't worry, we've got you covered with some landscaping essentials and necessities to kick off your journey.


Understanding the Essentials

First things first, you need the right tools and materials. At CMM Landscape Supply, we offer a variety of top-quality supplies that are perfect for beginners and seasoned landscapers alike. Let’s dive into what you need:


1. The Right Soil: Foundation for Growth

Starting with the right base is crucial. Organic topsoils from CMM are rich in nutrients and set the stage for robust plant growth. They provide the perfect foundation for your flowering beds or vegetable garden. Moreover, choosing organic topsoil is a smart environmental choice as it's free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides, promoting a healthier ecosystem in your garden.


2. Mulch: More Than Just a Pretty Layer

Mulch isn't just about making your garden look neat – It's a gardening superstar! It retains moisture, keeps weeds at bay, and adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. Our coco and natural mulch options are particularly beginner-friendly, as they are easy to apply, maintain soil moisture effectively, and contribute to a healthier garden with minimal effort.


3. Gravel and Stones: Easy Aesthetic Upgrade

Gravel and stones are not only transformative for your garden's look, but they're also a perfect starting point for beginners. They require minimal maintenance and can easily adapt to various landscape designs. For those just starting, we recommend trying our pea gravel or bluestone. Pea gravel is small and smooth, making it easy to handle and perfect for creating pathways or decorative areas. Bluestone, with its distinctive color and durability, is ideal for elegant walkways or patios. These options offer simplicity and versatility, making them excellent choices for novice landscapers looking to enhance their garden’s aesthetic appearance.


4. Landscaping Fabric: The Weed Barrier

Nobody likes weeding, right? Landscape fabric is your friend here. It helps prevent weeds from taking over your beautiful garden. Lay it down before you start planting or adding mulch, and you’ll thank yourself later.


5. Plants: Choose the Right Ones

Now, for the fun part – plants! Choose plants that suit your climate and soil, whether it's perennials, annuals, or shrubs. Don’t forget to consider how much sun and water they’ll need. For Long Island green thumbs, consider starting with some local favorites. The cheerful Black-Eyed Susan, with its bright buttercream yellow petals, blooms from July through September, adding a splash of sunshine to your garden​​. Pair it with the vibrant Butterfly Milkweed for a stunning orange and yellow combination that thrives in the summer heat​​. For foliage contrast, Lady Fern offers lush greenery with its unique red stems, preferring shady, moist areas​​. And don't overlook the majestic Red Oak, a sturdy native tree that adds grandeur to any landscape​​. The whimsical Common Buttonbush, with its spherical white blooms, brings a unique aesthetic to your garden​​. And for winter interest, Winterberry provides colorful berries that attract birds and enliven the colder months​​.


6. Landscaping Design: Planning Your Space

Before you start, have a rough plan. Think about the layout, the types of plants you want, and how your garden will evolve over time. Remember, landscaping is an art, and your garden is your canvas.



Landscaping is an incredibly rewarding activity that can transform your outdoor space. With these essentials, you’re well on your way to creating a garden that reflects your personal style and love for nature.

Ready to start your landscaping adventure? Head over to CMM Landscape Supply for all your landscaping essentials. From organic topsoils to decorative gravel, we have everything you need to create the garden of your dreams. We look forward to helping you make your outdoor space a green paradise!